ZPC's leading casting technology department has scientifically formulated mixtures to substantially reduce the risk variables involved with casting precious metals. We cast both natural wax and several prototyping resin materials.

ZPC's casting department is proud to deliver and represent a great product that was built and manufactured in the USA.

Our gold alloys are directly imported from the finest quality alloy manufacturer in the world. ZPC believes that quality should never be sacrificed. When you work with us, you work with the best in the world.

Johnson Matthey, the leading supplier of platinum metals, partnered with ZPC to strengthen its foothold in the platinum and palladium markets.

Standard Metal Options


10KWhite, Yellow

14KWhite, Yellow, Pink, 14Karat Gold with Palladium

18KWhite, Yellow, Green, 18Karat Gold with Palladium, Royal Yellow

20KPink (replacement for 18K Pink)

95% Platinum, 5% Ruthenium
90% Platinum, 10% Iridium

95% Palladium, 5% Ruthenium


If you have a special request, please email :

EnvisionTEC Specialist

EnvisionTEC is a company that builds and sells 3D printers. ZPC is widely regarded as the EnvisionTEC casting specialists. Our “patent like” process eliminates the need for molding and allows us to cast directly in Platinum and Gold. ZPC process is efficient and cost effective. Most importantly, our process minimizes shrinkage and loss of detail.

Platinum Experts

We have risen to the challenge of casting platinum metals directly from the EnvisionTEC resins. After years of test trials we have emerged as the platinum experts. In doing so, we have once again raised the bar for consistency and quality in the tough platinum market