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Common Misconceptions About 3D Printing

As 3D printing gains more traction in the consumer marketplace and is in the general public eye, the more it seems misconceptions about the technology are spread. We’re going to spend some time today addressing several common misconceptions about 3D printing tech and work to dismiss them for the greater good of public knowledge. Sound good? Let’s proceed...

Misconception #1: Price

3D Printing in the Jewelry Industry

3D printing has been gaining more attention from the general public in recent years due to its emergence as a technology capable of producing consumer goods in one’s home. However, usage thus far has been largely limited to engineering and architectural projects, with an emphasis on repairs and reverse engineering, in particular. Still, the potential for use in consumer goods manufacturing is high and this is more apparent than anywhere else in the jewelry industry.

Amazing 3D Printer

Replicating tools with 3D copy machine.

3D printers make jewelry

3D printing has traditionally been used for simple prototyping in the manufacturing industry. Only few years ago people begun to use 3D printers for more interesting creations such as games, figures and other goods. It still is a niche but recently 3D printers got backing of one of the biggest vanity items around - jewelry.

This summer Cookson Precious Metals, a UK based supplier of fabricated precious metals , is showing off its 3D printed jewelry parts in Hong Kong.  The parts are created in gold through a process called Precious M 080.

3D printing comes your way

Amateur designers are testing 3D printers for made to order jewelry and everything else from a Star Wars characters to organs. Utilizing CAD applications and free designs available online, artists can bring their custom designed objects to life.