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3D printing comes your way

Amateur designers are testing 3D printers for made to order jewelry and everything else from a Star Wars characters to organs. Utilizing CAD applications and free designs available online, artists can bring their custom designed objects to life.

3D printers becoming more affordable.  In May, office supplies chain Staples announced it would start carrying a 3-D printer for consumers. Meanwhile, Microsoft is jumping on the bandwagon by adding support for 3-D printers in its upcoming Windows 8.1 update. Making a 3-D object from your computer "will be as easy as writing a document in Word and sending it to print," said Shanen Boettcher, general manager of the firm's startup business group, in a June 26 blog post.

3D printing is still is a niche market but it is expanding and we envision that in the near future to print your own 3-D object will be an easy and simple process.