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Earning our Name

Quality has driven us from the very start. We set out to deliver a remarkable product and make it accessible to the everyday jeweler. We have designed a truly unique way of delivering and earning our Name "Zero Porosity Casting". We are introducing an unparalleled level of technical innovation with the jeweler in mind. See how our Platinum casting stacks up against the rest of the market!

3D Printing Design


3D printing, or additive manufacturing, encompasses many areas.

What many users — both new and prospective — don’t understand about 3D printing is that the process goes one step further than the design of the discrete object. Oftentimes, how the object will be supported takes some careful design — and creative problem-solving — as well.

Design for 3D printing has to be two-pronged — the part not only has to be planned for its function, but also designed for 3D printing itself. The latter type of design involves supports, material thickness and part positioning.

Doctors Use 3-D Printing to Help an infant breath


Since the day Garrett Peterson was born, his parents have had to watch him suddenly just stop breathing.

"He could go from being totally fine to turning blue sometimes — not even kidding — in 30 seconds," says Garrett's mother, Natalie Peterson, 25, of Layton, Utah. "It was so fast. It was really scary."

Garrett was born with a defective windpipe. His condition, known as tracheomalacia, left his trachea so weak the littlest thing makes it collapse, cutting off his ability to breathe.

Nausea Bracelets Merge Medical Devices with 3D Printed Wearables

The idea of printing out something you can wear isn’t all that new. 3D printing has been tackling the wearables space for quite some time, especially in the form of jewelry. However, what is new is the potential for a marriage between a wearable item like a bracelet with a medical function. That’s precisely what Decomed Design has accomplished with their AkuFeel anti-nausea bracelets. 

3D Printed Jewelry Not Just About Style

Functional is officially taking over in the 3D printed jewelry market. In fact, new gold watches made using 3D printing tech are getting an official launch, offering classy design and simple function married into one stunning package.

3D Printed Jewelry Receiving Greater Notoriety

The days where 3D printed jewelry were written off as useless knick-knacks are no more. In fact, mainstream retailers are increasingly picking up on the 3D printing trend, even going so far as to carry some of these products among their traditional inventory.

An excellent example comes from department store, Neiman Marcus. The store is now prominently featuring two independently designed pieces that were made using 3D printing technology.

What Does the 3D Printer and the Synthesizer Have in Common?

When you think of the synthesizer, what comes to mind? Its place at the top of the list of musical innovation or how it was abused by every artist in the 1980s? While your opinion and frame of reference likely falls somewhere in between, the synthesizer has become known for its technological aspects over its role in making music.

3D Printed Jewelry

Keeping current with fashion often means keeping current with technological trends. Lately, 3D printing has seen a dramatic rise in popularity. And because of this, it has increased in prominence in the jewelry industry. While many jewelers stick to traditional manufacturing for their pieces, those on the cutting edge are embracing this technological advancement. This means jewelers can design and manufacturer necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more, all within their workshop spaces.

123D Design Online: Even Better for 3D Printing

As 3D printing becomes more and more mainstream, accessibility can be expected to increase. The cost of a printer is out of reach for many people still and if you add in the cost of the accompanying software, you’re looking at an expenditure many businesses and consumers just can’t make.

Still, if you’re in the position of getting one or the other, investing in a 3D printer is a safe bet. Then you can use really cool tools like AutoDesk to get a handle on making your 3D creations from scratch.

Is 3D Printing Green?

In a nutshell? Yes. And no. Really, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

3D printing is gaining recognition worldwide for how it aids in the production of three-dimensional models based off of CAD drawings. It’s useful for building prototypes and architects love it for making models of buildings. It’s use is increasing every day and it’s expected to be an industry worth upwards of $4 billion by 2025. When you have NASA using it, you know this technology is here to stay.